The New Lens for Brands and Entrepreneurs

A few weeks ago, I asked on LinkedIn, what would help you now?

One of the most popular responses was, how do I plan in an environment of uncertainty?

Melissa Anderson CPC/ELI-MP of boxtheoutside coaching & consulting and I decided to tackle this one together. We’re both LA-based business coaches and had this conversation privately. So we thought, why not record it and share with you?

Our Q&A focused on what small brands and businesses should be considering in the months to come (post C19).

This includes advisory for brands & business owners about their investments, people strategies and products planning for the future. We cover retail, experiential, fashion, inventory planning, and consumer demand.

We also share our forecasts around what broadly defined “sustainability” will mean for business health, and what we should be planning for today, to help us build for tomorrow.

Melissa asks Jill:

  • 6:37 What’s the #1 planning consideration for brands right now? How do you plan when you’re not sure what’s going to happen?
  • 9:05 What is financial runway? How much should I have to be healthy?
  • 11:20 How do I consider what my opportunities are in the next 3, 6, 12 months? Am I selling a vitamin or a painkiller?
  • 13:49 How do I decide whether it’s time to look for an exit strategy versus go all-in? Should I stick with this?
  • 15:55 What is “cash cuddling”? How do I get peace of mind around my bank balance?
  • 17:40 What’s your advice for employees and decision-makers if they don’t like their jobs?
  • 20:44 One of my client partners asked: “As an emerging brand, how do we navigate looking for an investor in our space at this time?”
  • 22:23 A brand founder asks: “For bootstrapped brands, what are some successful low risk avenues/tools to gain sales and exposure?”
  • 24:31 What do brands need to do right now to stand out and gain customer trust?

Jill asks Melissa:

  • 26:29 Based on what you’ve seen in different sizes of fashion and retail brands over the past 10 years, how will the retail vs. online landscape change in the coming months?
  • 29:38 We were already moving toward a more experiential approach to how we spend time and money. Does the trend toward experiential gain or lose in the next 12-18 months? How should we be designing experiences now? What happens to the mall?
  • 34:22 This time at home has made many people realize they can do with less “stuff.” How do you think our experiences now will impact consumer purchasing in the next 6-12 months? Are these changes permanent?
  • 39:00 For those who have been laid off or furloughed, when should they expect jobs to come back? Will those jobs be the ones they had before?
  • 43:08 A sustainable footwear brand owner asks: “For brands that depend on manufacturing and inventory, do you predict that SS21 inventory will be delayed or even cancelled, based on our production calendars?”

If you rely on retail foot traffic, seasonal inventory purchasing, or online sales to sustain your business, this is the conversation for you!