Love owning a business but hate running it?

You started your company because you had an idea. You saw a need. You wanted to be of service to a community.

You loved the idea of having your own small business and working for yourself. But running a company has, well, kinda sucked.

What if I could make it easier to run your business? How much relief would that bring you?

Running a self-funded small business takes a collection of skills that very few of us are formally trained for, even those with MBAs. So, in 2018, I started writing this newsletter to make the business manager part of your life easier.

Each Wednesday, I share ideas that lighten your effort. I choose topics I’m researching or themes from conversations with my clients. I may talk about an operations or finance topic or management tips tailored just for you. We also announce our group registration, free webinars, and special offers here first.

To sign up, all it takes is your first name and email address. Join us!