“I just can’t keep going like this.”

You’ve been working for yourself for a while. You’re doing alright, but you’re doing everything. You’re burned out but can’t afford to take care of yourself, let alone take a vacation. The stuff you don’t like to do is crowding out everything that made you want to start the company in the first place.

Sound familiar? Shifting from starting the company to owning the company is a major change of skills and mindset. Let’s get you thinking and working like a CEO.


Strategic Planning

It’s your business, but it’s also your life. Let’s make a real plan, with numbers and goals, that will fit the life you want.

Numbers and Money

Learn to translate finance, accounting, and taxes into what’s meaningful for your business and goals.

Operations Mastery

We love early stage operations, process, systems, and efficiency. Get more time for the stuff you love by having us do the stuff we love.




CEO + Founder

Jill James

Jill James is CEO & Founder of Sif Industries, LLC, a consulting and coaching firm that puts women on the fast track from founder to CEO. She started her career in banking with J. P. Morgan and AXA Financial in New York, but got the start-up bug while at Chicago Booth for her MBA. She’s had roles in product management, marketing, sales, and C-level leadership at six VC-backed start-ups, with four exits. She holds a BA with honors in Political Science and an MBA in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing from The University of Chicago. She is an advisor to Boutique Box and is on the board of the M{2E} program at the USC Annenberg School of Communications. Jill lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son.