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We support female-identifying founders from creative and non-managerial backgrounds in making the shift from founder to CEO. We do that through strategic planning and operating support, whether one-time or ongoing. We specialize in working with self-funded or bootstrapped businesses.

We offer strategic planning, executive coaching, and operating support to our clients.

We’ve been excited to watch our clients move their revenue from five to seven digits in as little as one year. Beyond the big growth numbers, we want to support as many women as possible to become successful entrepreneurs and business owners, whatever that means for them.

We believe business ownership is the path to eliminating the wage gap, building progressive working environments, and designing the lives that we want without sacrificing meaningful work.

Jill James

CEO + Founder

J ill James is CEO & Founder of Sif Industries, LLC, a consulting and coaching firm that puts women on the fast track from founder to CEO. She started her career in banking with J. P. Morgan and AXA Financial in New York, but got the start-up bug while at Chicago Booth for her MBA. She's had roles in product management, marketing, sales, and C-level leadership at six VC-backed start-ups, with four exits.

She holds a BA with honors in Political Science and an MBA in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing from The University of Chicago. She is an advisor to Boutique Box and is on the board of the M{2E} program at the USC Annenberg School of Communications. Jill lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son.

Jill James

Why I Started Sif

“What’s Sif Industries?” We get that one a lot. The origin of our name comes from a woman who started something but wasn’t given credit.

Thanks to the Avengers, you’ve probably heard of Thor. But the source of his power, that mighty hammer, was gotten by a wrong done to his wife, Sif.

And that’s about all we know. In Norse mythology, Sif is the source of all the world’s abundance. But beyond her origin story, Sif’s history has been lost, her mythology overshadowed by gods who play pranks, make war, and use goddesses to clean up their messes.

I started Sif Industries when I was 7 months pregnant with my son. I didn’t have a great idea. In fact, I had wanted to start a business for years, but I was waiting for The Big Scale – the epic idea that I just couldn’t not do.

But it came down to this: as a start-up veteran, I didn’t see a path to doing the meaningful work I wanted to do while being the partner and parent I wanted to be. Working for myself was the solution.

I saw other women struggling with the same. 43% of professional moms leave the full-time employed workforce between pregnancy and their child’s third birthday.

And a lot of us find the solution in starting businesses. But it’s often a case of, oops, I started a business, versus something done intentionally. We freelance. We sell some stuff on Etsy. We start posting videos about making slime.

And then we realize we don’t want to go back to a job, but aren’t sure how to make our businesses a sustainable reality. We start to do well but all of our time goes to operating stuff that we’re not good at and don’t like to do.


And that’s where I saw the opportunity. I like to do all of that early-stage operating and finance stuff that other people see as a necessary evil.

I made it my mission to support creative and non-managerial founders in finding that sustainable business that works for them.

And that’s what Sif Industries is now. My team and I will help you design your business and learn how to be its CEO, with the life and the pay that you want. We’ll teach you how to do it, coach you through it, or even do some of it for you.

You are the person who can create abundance for herself, her family, and her community.

And you can do it by owning a business. On purpose.

Your origin story matters. I believe in you. Let’s get you growing.

Why I built the CEO Confidence Course

In my life, I’ve been an investment banker, financial advisor, technology start-up COO. I have an MBA in strategy and entrepreneurship from Chicago Booth, one of the world’s top programs. I’ve had a lot of exciting jobs, but they required total dedication. And that wasn’t working for me.

When I started Sif Industries, I brought all the habits I learned about how to be a good employee. Work a lot. Fill and justify your time. Keep 80% of your time billable. I was acting like an employee of my company.

I saw the same patterns when I started working with self-funded women founders: each had a vision, but was reluctant to call herself CEO. They were more like Head Employee. They didn’t feel confident that they could be out front and run a financially sustainable business, and felt some imposter syndrome over missing experience with accounting, finance, or operations.

There was something else I heard: “I’d feel a lot more confident if I had a class for this. Some formal training.”

But that course does not exist. School is set up to train us to be employees. MBA programs teach us to run big companies or raise venture capital and get big fast. Most business programs are designed with shareholders in mind, not business owners. And as valuable as sales, marketing, and leadership programs are to your growth, they leave you without a real plan for running and growing your company to deliver on your vision. There’s no start-up school or bootcamp for self-funded founders.

For all those reasons, I built the CEO Confidence Course, my 6-week start-up school for self-funded founders. Click to learn more about how it works and when our next cohort starts. 

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