This week, we took a break from technical operations to revisit mindset. We talked about being optimistically optimistic, embracing alternate paths to ownership, evaluating our attitude toward learning, exploring gratitude, and celebrating success. Entrepreneurship is hard. We need all the tools we can muster to stay in the game and keep going toward success.


Dr. Carol Dweck’s Mindset: Whether you have eight minutes for her TEDTalk or want to read the original 2007 book, get familiar with the impact that a fixed mindset may be having on your success. Your attitude toward learning is critical. 

Why we celebrate goals: In her now-viral Barnard commencement speech, Abby Wambach, the world’s all-time leading goal scorer, talks about everything that goes into scoring a goal, and why every goal is so worthy of celebration. 

Gratitude journals: Daily journaling makes a huge difference in achieving goals and staying on track. To get started in a couple of minutes per day, try out a guided journal from the colorful Please Notes collection or The 5-Minute Journal.