This week, we looked at low-cost or free marketing tactics you can use to get the word out on your product without going broke. Word of mouth, Google, email, social, and marketplaces are all critical channels to understand. Some are technically hard, and others take up a lot of time. Plan your free marketing tactics so that you get the most benefit for both your time and your money. 



The Broadsheet – a Fortune newsletter about women in business that I read first thing every morning. 

Email is the next media platform – a Fast Company story on why email is the marketing cockroach that survives and takes over everything. Email is my tactic of choice as a highly effective relationship-building tool, media platform, and marketing tactic. 

Using Social Proof – I like The Startup Chat from Hiten & Steli for its balanced approach to sales, marketing, and product. Their recent podcast on how and when to use social proof for credibility should be part of your plan to get the most from your social media investment. They also do a teardown of introductory sales emails.

Duct Tape Marketing – More tips on using word of mouth from a small group of early customers to attract on a much bigger group.