Going to market is a dialogue. We need to figure out why what we do matters to people who will use it and pay us. We need to know who they are, why they care, and get them to talk to us.

This week, we defined your WHY, used your WHO to find your WHAT, made sure you’re different and special, and looked square into the face of a strategic pivot


Freedom to FREELANCE Masterclass: Jaclyn Mullen and I are teaming up to blast you into freelance success. We are holding a series of 2-hour workshops in June and July to help you market yourself, run better prospecting calls, close deals with contracts, and steer clear of common tax mistakes. You get both of us, plus mastermind networking with 19 potential business partners. Join us on Saturday, June 9! 

The Start-up Pyramid: Sean Ellis is a leading growth hacker. On the Startup Market blog, he is constantly assessing what product/market fit looks like. A great deep-dive into understanding how to think about whether you’ve achieved product/market fit, or whether you need to keep trying. 

My Easter Egg: Did you catch all the song lyrics in this week’s emails? Here’s my All You Need to Go to Market playlist.