This week, we talked about five operations mistakes that freelancers make. These mistakes lead to financial penalties, customer conflicts, and burnout. 

More Resources:

Back issues of the newsletter. If you joined us this week, click here to check out past issues of I Am Sif from our first two weeks. 

The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guide. This in-depth breakdown from The Simple Dollar goes deep on questions and resources specific to freelancing, beyond a level that we will cover in the next few weeks. It’s updated regularly. 

Simon Simonek’s “Start with Why” TEDx Talk. (YouTube) Next week, we’re going back to a customer focus. We’ll do more work on defining what you’re taking to market. Simon’s TEDx Talk flips the script on the traditional approach of finding a market for a product. Instead, he focuses first on why a customer would be passionate about what you do, and then how to design your products and services with that passion in mind. It continues our focus on using design thinking to build a sustainable, profitable business. 

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