You’ve been working for yourself for a while…

You’re doing all right, but you’re doing everything. You’re burned out but can’t afford to take care of yourself, let alone take a vacation. The stuff you don’t like to do is crowding out everything that made you want to start the company in the first place.

Sound familiar? Shifting from starting the company to owning the company is a major change of skills and mindset. Let’s get you thinking and working like a CEO.

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What We Do

We support female-identifying founders from creative and non-managerial backgrounds in making the shift from founder to CEO. We do that through strategic planning and operating support, whether one-time or ongoing. We specialize in working with self-funded or bootstrapped businesses.

Financial Health Check-up

Strategic Planning

We work with clients one-on-one and in cohort settings to find their paths to owning sustainable, profitable companies.

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Financial Health Coaching

Operational Excellence

We work ongoing with our Check-Up graduates and with select clients to execute their strategic plans through operating support, advice, and peer coaching.

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We Make it Easy to Get Growing

Evaluating what you offer

Assessing what it costs to deliver

Refining your unit margins

Building an operating budget

Deciding who’s on your team

Knowing the total cost of your business

Designing your business and your life

Setting goals to realize your vision

Paying yourself and managing taxes


“Having Sif’s support has helped me identify the ‘right’ clients. It’s so clear and obvious now but that came from the tools and confidence that Jill helped me find. I thought I needed a business partner, but what I really needed was a COO. Jill gave me the expert professional support I needed to get my strategic plan on track and put it into play.”

Tamalin Srisook Polo, Savoir Agency & Savoir Collab
“No one has helped me think about my business from an actual business person perspective as much as Sif. To say I’m impressed with Jill is an understatement. Basically, Sif is your COO thinking about how to grow your business, maximize your work, and get the best clients.”
Stephanie Craig, Apeiron Strategy Group
“Jill transformed by business by inviting me to step outside of the day-to-day operations and visualize a decade further. This allowed me to identify an opportunity to pivot from reselling brands to launching my own brand. With her support, our revenues grew 4x in our first year.”
Dafina Smith, CEO & Founder, Covet & Mane
“I worked with Jill and Sif Industries on our operations and growth strategy. In the two years since, we’ve been #264 and #123 on the Inc. 500. We continue to rely on Sif Industries as our trusted advisor as our business evolves.”
Amber Allen, Founder & Chief Strategist, Double A and Double A Labs
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